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  • Decaf

    Castillo & Caturra Molasses, Malt, Chocolate, Almond. The green beans are first soaked in a bath of water and EA (Ethyl Acetate), which is ...
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  • Guatemala: Huehuetenango

    Typica, Bourbon, Caturra & Catuai Nutty, Stone Fruits, Chocolate, Berry Region Huehuetenango Producer Collection of farms Process Washed Altitude ...
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  • Rwanda: Gisovu

    Red Bourbon Floral, Toffee, Stone-fruits, Milk Chocolate Region Nyamasheke Producer Collection of farms Process Washed Altitude 1550-1850 masl
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  • Ethiopia: West Arsi Natural

    Heirloom Floral Stone fruit, Caramel, Cacao Nibs, Nectar-like Region West Arsi, Oromia Producer Demissie Edema Process Natural Altitude 1900-2050 masl
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  • Brazil: Fazenda Sitio Vidigal

    Yellow Catuai & Mundo Novo Creamy Hazelnut, Malt, Stewed Plum, Cocoa Region Minas Gerais Producer Aluizio Mello Process Natural Altitude ...
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  • Colombia: Pequena Finca

    Bourbon, Castillo, Caturra, Colombia & Typica Complex Floral, Cocoa, Turkish Delight, Honey Region Huila Producer Collection of farms Process ...
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